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OCA and its hospital network in Monterrey consolidate Auna’s position as a leading healthcare Company in Latin America.

Lima, Peru | October 5, 2022:

Auna S.A.A. (“Auna” or “the Company”), one of the largest and most respected players in the South American healthcare industry and with an expanding regional presence, announced today that it has acquired a 100% ownership stake in Organización Clínica América, (“OCA”), a leading healthcare group in Monterrey, Mexico. OCA operates three high complexity hospitals representing the largest infrastructure footprint in Monterrey´s healthcare market, with approximately 35% market share based on number of beds.

“We are very pleased with this acquisition, which enables us to expand our regional footprint into Mexico’s high-growth healthcare market. OCA is the third-largest hospital group in the country by number of beds and one of the leading providers of key medical specialties and oncological services in Monterrey. This is a major milestone toward achieving our objective of consolidating Auna’s position as a prominent healthcare provider in Latin America,” commented Mr. Luis Felipe Pinillos, Auna’s CEO.

“Building on our successful track record of accretive acquisitions, OCA is one of the best entry points into the Mexican healthcare market, which is twice the size of our core markets of Peru and Colombia combined.  We will continue to deliver on our mission     of transforming healthcare in the countries that Auna serves, with excellent patient outcomes through positive and streamlined patient experiences at an affordable cost. With the addition of OCA to our hospital network, we will continue and improve the delivery of cutting-edge healthcare services in Latin America. Leveraging scale, best- practice medical standards and technology, our people-centered healthcare approach provides confidence, security, and high medical resolution,” continued Mr. Pinillos.

“Additionally, in connection with our strategy to develop a regional platform for healthcare services, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Sven Boes has joined our Company as CEO of Auna Mexico. Mr. Boes has been working closely with us on this transaction and we are confident that with his inspiring leadership style and his twenty years of experience in the Mexican healthcare sector, including recently as CEO of TecSalud Hospitals in Monterrey, he will help us deliver on our promise to transform healthcare, granting increased access and improved medical outcomes and patient experiences,” concluded Mr. Pinillos.

 “We are thrilled to partner with Auna and believe this is a perfect fit given our joint focus on premium healthcare services. We have provided healthcare services in Monterrey for over fifty years and have become one of the leading healthcare groups in this market. Our hospitals have best-in-class technology and one of the largest physician networks in Northern Mexico. We expect this regional association with Auna to be beneficial to our patients, our medical staff, and our community.

This promising partnership will further Auna’s mission to serve patients with the best practices in medicine and strengthen our teams and healthcare capabilities to continue improving our patient experience and medical outcomes,” commented Mr. Levinson, OCA’s CEO.

OCA is well-positioned in Monterrey as a premium provider of general healthcare services and oncology. Its network of hospitals includes OCA Hospital (“OCAH”), Doctors Hospital (“DH”) and Doctors Hospital East (“DHE”). OCAH, founded over 50 years ago benefits from its high prestige in Mexico, contributing 40% of OCA’s hospital and ICU beds. DH, founded in 2011, also accounts for 40% of hospital and ICU beds. DEH, founded in 2019, is OCA’s newest facility and represents 20% of OCA’s hospital and ICU beds.

OCA will add approximately 550 hospital beds, 130 ICU beds and 475 medical offices to Auna’s network of general healthcare facilities and will expand its premium oncological offering though OCA’s leadership in the Monterrey market.

Key facts about the healthcare industry in Monterrey, Mexico

    • The Mexican healthcare market is approximately 3x and 6x larger than the Colombian and Peruvian markets,
    • Over twenty insurers operate in Monterrey, whereas only four large hospital groups serve the
    • The state of Nuevo Leon is home to the most reputable hospitals in northern

The transaction has been authorized by COFECE, Mexico´s anti-trust commission.

About Auna

Auna is one of the largest and most respected companies in South America’s healthcare industry and with an expanding regional presence. Founded in 1989, the company is now one of the leading providers of oncology healthcare plans in Peru and operates hospitals at all levels of complexity in Peru and Colombia. Since 2018, Auna has expanded rapidly not only through growth in its oncology segment and execution of organic developments, but also through the acquisition of important healthcare players in the high growth markets of Colombia and now, in Mexico. Auna is backed by Enfoca, its controlling shareholder and one of the leading investment firms in Latin America.

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About OCA

Organización Clínica América, is one of the leading medical groups in Monterrey and the third largest in Mexico. With operations established in 1973, it has grown a relevant footprint with attention focused on high specialty procedures and a reputation as a premium oncology leader in Monterrey.