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Our Mission is to positively impact the well-being of our clients, portfolio investments and team members.



Gramercy is a dedicated emerging markets investment manager based in Greenwich, Connecticut with offices in London, Buenos Aires, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Mexico City, and dedicated lending platforms in Mexico, Turkey, Peru, Pan-Africa, Brazil, and Colombia. The firm, founded in 1998, seeks to provide investors with a better approach to emerging markets, delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns supported by a transparent and robust institutional platform. Gramercy offers alternative and long-only strategies across emerging markets asset classes including multi-asset, private credit, public credit, and special situations. Gramercy is a Registered Investment Adviser with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a Signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a Signatory to the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative (NZAMI) and a Supporter of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Gramercy Ltd, an affiliate, is registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

Our Clients

Gramercy is proud that for over 25 years, we have managed assets on behalf of a diverse and sophisticated global client base that includes pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, endowments & foundations, fund of funds, family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet their objectives by delivering tailored investment solutions and world-class client service.


As of March 31, 2024


Gramercy was founded in 1998 by Robert Koenigsberger, Managing Partner and CIO, to invest in distressed credit opportunities in emerging markets where value could be realized through active involvement and hands on restructurings.

In 2001, Gramercy became registered with the SEC, a pioneering step taken before this became a requirement post Global Financial Crisis.

Our investment team has been dedicated to emerging markets for nearly three decades. We have cultivated deep-rooted, unique, local relationships across the globe that are difficult to replicate, which give Gramercy a distinct advantage.

Gramercy offers a wide range of investment solutions across emerging markets, aligning the risk/reward profile of our strategies with the return and liquidity needs of our investors. We endeavor to provide clients with superior risk-adjusted returns through a comprehensive approach to emerging markets using transparent investment processes, supported by a robust operational and business platform.

Gramercy’s roots are in emerging market debt; however, as the asset class has evolved, so too has our firm. In the infancy of the asset class, emerging markets consisted almost entirely of defaulted debt. Today, the range of investment instruments in emerging markets has expanded to mirror that of developed markets. Gramercy has thoughtfully and deliberately expanded our investment capabilities, keeping pace with the evolution of the asset class and the needs of our investors.


We strive to maintain a client-oriented culture throughout the organization and to proactively deepen relationships with clients by solving their EM needs and optimizing performance.
Our firm culture is most easily outlined by our Principles:

The integrity of the investment process is first and foremost.

Transparency & Responsiveness

Transparency and responsiveness are the foundations of client service.


In order to partner with our investors, we endeavor to find solutions that fit their needs and solve their problems.

In order to adhere to and foster these principles, Gramercy maintains a culture of compliance. We have an annual, independent review performed on our internal control system to ensure that the control operating environment is designed appropriately, inclusive of independent testing, to ensure that controls are functioning as designed.

Corporate Responsibility

Gramercy strives to embody corporate responsibility in all aspects of our business: our portfolio investments, our clients, our employees and the communities in which we live and operate. With respect to our portfolio investments, Gramercy applies proprietary ESG analysis and publicly available data to assess investment opportunities from an ESG perspective. When possible, we endeavor to incorporate impact-oriented conditions into our investments. Gramercy has an ESG Committee that includes our CIO, lead portfolio managers, a representative from each investment strategy and our Head of ESG. The Committee meets monthly to discuss any new initiatives regarding our process and any credits that may warrant special consideration for investment. We consider ESG to be a risk management tool and we are proponents of engagement versus divestment. The emerging markets asset class often provides unique opportunities for socially responsible investing and engagement:

      • Allocating capital to those who actively demonstrate their concern for ESG matters
      • Structuring private credit deals to include ESG risk management terms and conditions
      • Investing capital responsibly and growing that capital to make a positive impact on our clients’ ultimate beneficiaries, including pension funds, foundations, and endowments

Our firmwide ESG Policy can be found here.


Gramercy is a Signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (formerly United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment), a Supporter of TCFD, a Signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and a member of the Emerging Markets Investors Alliance.

Principles for Responsible Investment is an international network of investors working together to put the six Principles for Responsible Investment into practice. More information can be found here. TCFD makes recommendations on climate-related financial disclosures which are widely adoptable and applicable to organizations across sectors and jurisdictions. They are designed to solicit decision-useful, forward-looking information that can be included in mainstream financial filings. More information can be found here. The Net Zero Asset Managers initiative launched in December 2020 and aims to galvanize the asset management industry to commit to a goal of net zero emissions. More information can be found here. Gramercy believes that incorporating climate considerations into our business and investment decisions can create long-term benefits to our firm, portfolios and communities impacted by our investments. The Emerging Markets Investors Alliance enables institutional emerging market investors to support good governance, promote sustainable development, and improve investment performance in the governments and companies in which they invest. The Alliance seeks to raise awareness and advocate for these issues through collaboration among investors, companies or governments, and public policy experts. More information can be found here.

Giving Back

Gramercy is a proud supporter of Right to Dream. Right to Dream exists to provide talented, underprivileged children from all over West Africa with the opportunity to develop their talent and fulfill their potential. The Academy in Ghana was founded in 2000 and seeks to discover and nurture role models through education, sport and character development. This social enterprise has developed a sustainable talent development model that offers 100% scholarships to children aged 10 and above and provides them with facilities and resources to nurture their talent.

Gramercy employees participate in the Cristo Rey Mentorship Program. The ultimate goal of Cristo Rey High School is for students to graduate from college and become professionals for others, transforming the world for the good of their families and society. The mentorship  program matches students and mentors to aid in their development beyond Cristo Rey High School.  


Gramercy professionals are based in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Our Portfolio Managers and Research Analysts come together as one team to discuss and debate top-down perspectives and fundamental bottom-up research. They are backed by a diverse team of  individuals dedicated to running a transparent business platform complemented by world-class independent institutional service providers.

Mohamed A. El-Erian

Chair of gramercy funds management

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Dr. El-Erian is a global economist and leader in emerging markets investment and research, having previously held senior roles in investment management and international policymaking. He was on Foreign Policy’s list of Top 100 Global Thinkers for four years in a row and writes regularly for Bloomberg and the Financial Times.

As Chair of Gramercy Funds Management, Dr. El-Erian actively contributes in the following areas: (i) providing the investment team with global, regional and country perspectives on economic, market and geopolitical developments; (ii) offering insights on a range of investment-related matters (in particular, global investment trends and their immediate and longer-term impacts on emerging markets asset classes); (iii) helping to decode economic and policy developments, focusing on their potential emerging markets effects; (iv) macro themes that inform and influence individual trades and; and (v) advising on specific investment issues, including multi-asset allocations.

Robert Koenigsberger

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer

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Mr. Koenigsberger is Founder, Chief Investment Officer and the Managing Partner of Gramercy. He founded Gramercy in 1998 with a vision for the firm to become a global, institutional investment management firm focused on emerging markets. Mr. Koenigsberger has 37 years of investment experience dedicated to emerging markets with a specialization in distressed opportunistic credit strategies. He is a member of Gramercy’s Management Team and is Co-Chair of the Risk Management Committee.

Scott Seaman

Senior Partner, Co-Chief Operating Officer

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Mr. Seaman has 40 years of business management experience. He has executive oversight of the firm’s business areas including accounting, operations, legal, risk management and compliance, technology, cybersecurity, human resources and administration. Mr. Seaman is a member of Gramercy’s Management Team and Co-Chair of Gramercy’s Risk Management Committee. Further, he is a member of Gramercy’s Valuation Committee and Compliance Committee.

Tom Humphrey

Senior Partner, President

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Mr. Humphrey has over 30 years of financial markets experience spanning sales, trading, research, capital markets, and investment management. He is responsible for Gramercy’s commercial and capital formation strategy including origination, sourcing and structuring of differentiated investment opportunities, further developing relationships with key sell-side counterparties, enhancing the firm’s existing high quality global investor relationships and accelerating new client acquisitions, and implementation of strategic initiatives to solidify Gramercy’s position as an industry leading global investment manager. Additionally, Mr. Humphrey is a Senior Partner and serves as a member of Gramercy’s Management Team.

Gustavo Ferraro

Partner, Head of Capital Solutions

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Mr. Ferraro has 37 years of Latin America focused investment banking and capital markets and investment experience. As a partner and Head of the Capital Solutions business, Mr. Ferraro is responsible for recommending, sourcing and managing capital solutions transactions and direct lending opportunities across the platform. He is a member of the Capital Solutions Investment Committee and reports directly to Robert Koenigsberger, Chief Investment Officer. He is Chairman of Gramercy’s Diversity Committee and is also a member of Gramercy’s Management Team. Additionally, Mr. Ferraro is a member of the Private Credit Council of the Global Private Capital Association (GPCA).

James Taylor, JD

Partner, Head of Special Situations

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Mr. Taylor has 22 years of legal, transaction and investment experience. Mr. Taylor is responsible for the management and investment decisions of Gramercy’s Special Situations Group. During his tenure at Gramercy, Mr. Taylor has overseen the management of sovereign and corporate restructurings, financings, acquisitions of private assets, and Gramercy’s participation in positions as a private equity investor. Mr. Taylor also served as Gramercy’s Chief Legal Officer from 2010 through 2018 and was responsible for managing the full spectrum of Gramercy’s legal affairs. Further, he is a member of Gramercy’s Management Team and Gramercy’s Global Investment Committee. He has also served as a guest lecturer at University of Pennsylvania Law School, Wharton Business School, and Yale Law School.

Matthew Maloney, CFA

Partner, head of PUBLIC CREDIT

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Mr. Maloney has over 23 years of trading and portfolio management experience in emerging markets. He is Head of Public Credit charged with managing Gramercy’s public credit portfolios. Specifically, he oversees a team that sources and analyzes corporate, sovereign, distressed, high yield and liquid bonds and loans across the platform. Mr. Maloney also manages Gramercy’s centralized trading desk which spans distressed to performing credit and is responsible for the formulation of Gramercy’s dynamic hedging program. He is a member of the Credit Investment Committee and the Global Research Committee. Mr. Maloney reports to Robert Koenigsberger, Chief Investment Officer. He is also a member of Gramercy’s Management Team.

Philip Meier

Partner, Deputy Chief Investment officer

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Mr. Meier brings more than 17 years of investment experience to Gramercy. He is Deputy Chief Investment Officer responsible for Public Markets and Multi-Asset Strategies. Based out of the London office, Mr. Meier is also an integral part of expanding the firm’s coverage of CEEMEA and Asia and serves as a member of Gramercy’s Management Team, Global Investment Committee, Public Credit Investment Committee, Global Research Committee and Top-Down View Committee.

Bob Joannou, CPA


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Mr. Joannou has 22 years of financial management and control experience. As part of Gramercy’s succession plan, Mr. Joannou will lead the oversight of the firm’s business areas as Co-Chief Operating Officer alongside Scott Seaman. Mr. Joannou’s oversight will include business areas such as accounting, operations, legal, risk management and compliance, technology, cybersecurity, human resources, and administration.

Mr. Joannou also served as Gramercy’s Chief Financial Officer from 2014 through 2023 and was responsible for managing Gramercy’s financial reporting and the SSAE 18 Soc 1 Type II compliance team. Further, he is a member of Gramercy’s Management Team.

Lastly, Mr. Joannou is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of New York.

Lacie Smith, JD

partner, head of investor relations

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Ms. Smith has over 16 years of industry experience. At Gramercy, she is a primary contact person for current and prospective investors. Ms. Smith manages new investor onboarding and is responsible for marketing collateral. Additionally, Ms. Smith works on strategic projects aimed at organizing and optimizing client materials and interfaces with service providers such as legal counsels and administrators to ensure regulatory compliance and client-facing process efficiencies.

Josh O’Melia, JD

Partner, Chief Legal Officer

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Mr. O’Melia has 18 years of legal experience. At Gramercy, he is responsible for managing all aspects of Gramercy’s legal affairs, including new business development initiatives related to fund formation and client on-boarding, legal aspects of public and private portfolio transactions, and risk management. In addition, Mr. O’Melia advises on regulatory and compliance matters, third-party relationship management and documentation, and various strategic initiatives.  Further, he is a member of Gramercy’s Management Team.

Joe Griffin

Managing Director, head of business development

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Mr. Griffin has 24 years of industry experience. At Gramercy, he focuses on new business development and client service across a diverse set of institutional investors, including pensions, endowments & foundations, insurance companies, private banking platforms, and family offices. He is also a member of Gramercy’s Management Team.

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