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Mexican fintech Konfio upsizes and extends loan commitment from Goldman Sachs and Gramercy for up to MX$4,100mm

With a credit extension to MX$ 3,700 mm (MX$ 500 mm upsize) and renewal up to 2026, Goldman Sachs continues to finance Konfío’s fully digital credit models to boost Mexican small and medium-sized businesses. Access to credit continues to be the primary growth barrier for small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico, and with this extended line, Konfío will be able to channel nearly 10,000 fresh loans to this vital segment. This extended credit line will continue to be amplified by financing provided by Gramercy Funds Management LLC (“Gramercy”) for MX$ 400 million.


Gramercy leads a 40 million dollar initial financing to Lenus Capital Partners

BOGOTA, AUGUST 16, 2021 – Lenus Capital Partners (Lenus), a privately held investment group focused on private equity investments to the healthcare sector, announced a new structured financing for 40 million U.S. dollars led by Gramercy Funds Management (“Gramercy”), a dedicated emerging markets asset manager, with participation from Compass Group, an independent Latin American asset manager.


Konfío Receives Financing from Gramercy

MEXICO CITY, JULY 27, 2021 – Konfío, a technology company with the mission of boosting growth and productivity of SMEs in Mexico, announced that Gramercy Funds Management (“Gramercy”), a dedicated emerging markets asset manager, joined as Lender in the structured credit facility that the company has with Goldman Sachs.

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