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Source for data tables: Bloomberg, JPMorgan, Gramercy. As of April 3, 2020.

Emerging Market Credit – EMBI Global Diversified
EM Investment Grade vs US Investment Grade
EM High Yield vs US High Yield
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Flow Tracker – Annual Data

Source for graphs: Bloomberg, JPMorgan, Gramercy. As of April 3, 2020.

Additional Crisis Resources:

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Case Tracker

IMF Global Policy Response Monitor

Global Economic Forecasts

Gramercy Insight:

Growth forecasts are in the process of downward revisions and most are in contractionary territory with latest global growth assumptions ranging from -1% to zero and deepest recession expectations in Europe. China revisions are in the 1-2% range, notably lower than during the GFC. Gramercy expects global growth to be on the lower end of the new range subject to downside risks.

Chinese high frequency indicators (coal consumption, traffic, property sales, subway ridership etc.) for March reflect gradual improvement relative to February albeit remain comfortably in contractionary territory on annualized basis.

Emerging Markets Corporate Fundamentals

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